nieuwe blog

heej allemaal! Leuk om jullie hier weer eens te zien. Ik heb nieuws voor jullie! Vanaf heden zullen hier geen blogberichten meer op de blog verschijnen. Ik heb namelijk een nieuwe blog met een nieuwe naam! De blog noemt Saskia from the blog en je kan hem vinden via deze link: Je vindt er net… Continue reading nieuwe blog


My everyday skincare routine 

Taking care of my skin, one of the most important things to do, but I just never get used to it. Washing your face and keeping sure you keep it hydrated and clean is something that takes a lot of time and effort. Because I wear make-up almost every day I am forced to take… Continue reading My everyday skincare routine 


Moshino Fresh Couture Pink ♥♥♥

Hi everyone! Perfume is one of my favourite things to put on when I prepare myself in the morning. Last week my perfume was empty, so I decided to go to ici paris xl and treat myself with a little present. When I was looking through the store, I saw in my eye corner this… Continue reading Moshino Fresh Couture Pink ♥♥♥