The color run! Happiest 5K on earth!

The best thing I have ever done in my whole life! THE COLOR RUN! I really love this run and I am so happy that I have finally done it and participate with my 2 best friends! I will never ever forget this day, I am very sure of that.

 The first time I heard of this run, I thought: WOW, what is this! It seemed so cool and so much fun. From the very first moment I promised myself that I would ever participate. And this year I have finally  done it! A few years ago I almost participated but then suddenly I had an injurie at my foot, so my dream faded away. I couldn’t walk or run so I defenitly coudn’t participate. But this year I finally have done it. And the best part of all is that I have made it throughout the whole run. Of course I didn’t run the whole 5K, I also walked. To be honest, I walked more than I ran 😂. I am not that sportive and for sure not a good runner. My 2 friends love to run so I was a bit slow for them. But we met each other again after the run. (of course I was the last one to finish) 

The color run is not the most usual run. It’s very special and for fun. When you are a die hard runner and you want to run a race that is professional and fancy, then this run is nothing for you. But when you like a bit of fun and you don’t care about how fast you run, then is this run the perfect one for you. The race is not timed, which is for some people maybe a problem. Not for me, because I honestly don’t care about how fast I run or at which place I end. 

When you arrive there is a whole set-up that is full with starter kits. They exist out of a color run t-shirt, a color run chest number, a color run tricolor head sweatband, a color run sunglasse, a color run tattoo and an elastic. Your ticket get scanned when you arrive there and then you can choose between the sizes of the t-shirt. The color of the other things that you get, you cannot choose. 

In the normal runs, there is at every kilometre a designed color station where runners are blitzed by color via volunteers and staff. But the run that I participated, was organisated by a radio station, named Q-music.  The color stations where not every kilometre but they were close by each other, because the first part was on the dike. On the dike where no color stations, so that part of the run lasted a bit too long for me. But when we arrived at the beach itself and we needed to run back, we finally saw the color stations. From that moment the run was finished before we even knew it. 

The first color station where we arrived was the pink one. Next was blue. After that was orange. Then blue and last but not least yellow. Every station you arrived they were so happy and had so much energie. They encouraged you to run instead of walk and it really motivated you! I loved it! I loved the feeling of getting the powder all over me. ( but not in my mouth! It tasts disgusting!) tip: never open your mouth when you run throug one of the color stations. And also just enjoy! Don’t run away from the powder, because that is just the fun part of the race! 

Then finally after these 5k you finally finish and are so happy that it’s over! I swear the run is so much fun but it’s very hard! At the finish line you get a free drink ( which I always love 😂) and a free bag that is filled with colorpowder. You can use it whenever you want, but officially you are suposed to save it for a joint throw moment. My friend and I used it to take a picture. We threw it up and danced around. I personally think that it is so much more fun than the joint throw moment, but you can decide it for yourself. 

So as you have read, I looooove the color run! I will never forget it and I recommend it to everyone! I will defenitly participate again next year! Best day ever! 


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