My everyday skincare routine 

Taking care of my skin, one of the most important things to do, but I just never get used to it. Washing your face and keeping sure you keep it hydrated and clean is something that takes a lot of time and effort. Because I wear make-up almost every day I am forced to take care of my face, otherwise I get really bad skin. Now I don’t want you to think that I don’t like to do it, it’s just that i am too lazy to do it every day.

I love to buy and try out new products for my skin and searching out which one is the most effective for my skintype. It’s always tricky to find products that really work for you and where you are happy about. But when you have found them, you can call yourself a lucky girl. That’s why I also want to say that first of all this skincare routine works for my skin, which is a bit dry sometimes but for the most part normal and then second of all that you just need to keep searching untill you are happy with your products for your routine. For me, it has taken a long time untill I found something that worked for me, so it’ s normal that you haven’t figured out everything yet.

So a few years ago I started to have these stupid and horrible pimples on my face (thank you so much puberty). That’s the moment when I realised that I needed to begin with taking care of my face. I don’t know how many products that I already have bought in these years to prevent these stupid pimples that I keep having on my chin, but I can tell you it are a lot. And still I haven’t found a good one that really works so if you know or you use a good one, please let me know in the comments! The other products that I use at this moment do really work for me and I am really happy about them.

Most of the products that I use are from Kiehl’s. This shop is heaven! The staff is really kind, they don’t push you to buy things or bother you. If you want to, they will do a little skin test of you skin by which they decide which products work for you. A whole skincare routine will be put together especially made for you. Before you buy the product you can test them all to see if you like the texture of them. If you buy your products they also give you a few samples to test at home.

So these are the products that I use:

  • Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser 150 ml ~ € 19,00
  • Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Toner 250 ml ~ € 19,00
  • Kiehl’s Hydro-Plumping Re-texturising Serum Concentrate 50 ml ~ € 50,00
  • Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream 50 ml ~ € 26,50
  • L ‘Oreal Paris Delicate flowers cleansing wipes ~ € 4,99
  • Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Extra Mild 200 ml ~ € 19,40
  • Clarisonic Mia ~ € 149,50

In the morning I use all my products from Kiehl’s.

The first thing that I grab is my Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser. The substance of this is a bit milky and thick. It’s a light foaming facewash. You don’t have to use a lot of the product for it to work well. That’s a big plus because the price is not especially cheap. I think that I already use my bottle with 150 ml in it 0.5-1 year and it’s still not empty. So as you can see, you can do a long time with it.

Kiehl’s promises you that the Ultra Facial Cleanser thoroughly cleanses skin and remover make-up without over-drying or stripping skin of its natural oils. It dissolves excess oils, dirt and debris. The product is pH-balanced to maintain skin’s natural balance.

To use the product you just need to apply a small amount on clean fingertips. Then gently massage it into damp facial areas in up way circular motions. Be careful because the eye area needs to be avoided. And at the end rinse thoroughly or remove excess with damp wash cloth.

The second product that I use in the morning is the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Toner. It’s Alain a milky substance but is very delicate and mild. It hydrates your skin so much! When you have dry skin, this is the toner to buy!

Here they promise you that the tonic helps refine surface texture while providing the ideal preparation for Ultra Facial Cream or Moisturizer. It gently removes surface debris remaining residue’s while hydrating and comforting skin. It has also a non-alcohol formula and it’s pH-balanced for optimal comfort.

To use the product you moisten a cotton pad with the toner and apply to your face, but avoid the eye area.

The next step is the Kiehl’s Hydro-Plumping Re-Texturising Serum Concentrate. This product is again just the bomb! But the price is a big no no 😦 . It hydrates your skin SO MUCH! Your skin absorbs the product before you know it. I just love it!

Kiehl’s promises that the product will intensively hydrate skin deepest surface layers. It’s clinically demonstrated to help correct the signs of age-related

Before application you need to make sure that first your face is deeply cleansed. Then you apply the product to the palm of your hand and then smooth over your entire face and neck. I only use one pump for my entire face and neck. So you can do quite a long time with the bottle which I like because of the big price.

And then the last product I use in the morning is my Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream. Again is this a very lovely product that works very delicate and is very refined. It’s a thick cream that also hydrates your skin. It feeds you skin throughout the whole day and night.

Kiehl’s promises that the cream helps to reduce moisture loss while drawing and absorbing moisture from the air. With continuous moisture replenishment throughout the whole day, leaves skin smooth, soft and healthy looking

You just apply the cream to clean facial skin day or night as needed to combat moisture depletion.

Just before I go to bed I use my other products. The first thing that I do is, if I have  make-up on, take my face make-up off with L’Oréal Paris delicate flowers cleansing wipes.

I really love these wipes. It smells delicious, almost like a garden film of flowers. They are very soft and don’t make my skin red. I have tried so many of these ones of other brands but never are they as good as this one. They are just amazing, I can’t describe how much I love them. Especially when I am lazy and don’t want to spend a long time washing my face. Then I only use them.

L’Oréal promises you that it removes make-up and hydrates the skin. The skin will be clean and have no blemishes. Just after you use it, the skin is cleansed en feels comfortable. The next day, your skin will be soft, supple and nice skin.

The very last thing I do, is washing my face with my Clarisonic.

I use my Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Extra Mild with it.

Clinique says that you can need to use it twice a day but I prefer to do it only at night. I just put one pump on my Clarisonic, make it wet and rub it into my skin with the Clarisonic. It removes all my make up in one go. After using, my face is clean and fresh and I can go to bed with a rinsed face.

So this was my whole skincare routine that I do every day. I will say it once again, this works for my face, which is quite dry sometimes but most of the time normal. The products that I use are not especially cheap but I think they are really worth the price because they are all really AMAZING.


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